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2021 CLA 35 AMG Race mode

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  • 2021 CLA 35 AMG Race mode

    Getting ready to have my new CLA 35 AMG coded. Pretty excited about it, but I have some apprehension about race mode. Is it possible for it to cause any engine issues? The reason I ask is because as far as I know, race mode isnt even available for the 35. I could see activating it in a CLA45 because its a mode that is actually available with certain packages.

    id hate hate to be denied warranty work because race mode was activated.

    im sure im being overly cautious. I know the dealer can usually tell if you reflash your ecu with a tune, but is there anyway for them to tell if you had a code such as race mode activated and then tried to deactivate it before bringing it in for a warranty claim. Im new to all of this. If anyone has anymore info it would be greatly appreciated.

    btw im in the US Market.