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    I am set to buy a new car and I set my eyes on either a CLA Premium Plus 2020+ or an E-Class Coupé Standard 2020+. Not totally sure between the two as it depends on the market at the moment. Now, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for me is a must. My current car (Kia Niro) has it and I absolutely love it. So I was quite surprised to learn that Mercedes only offers it as an option on the models I mentioned and very few people actually go for it (based on the offer of second-hand cars). A bit of Google later, I found RJA and after a quick skimming through the page, I got a few questions.

    1) I don't see the E-class in the list of cars that could be retrofitted with ACC. Is that really the case?
    2) Say I buy a CLA PP 2020. Does it have all the sensors it needs to be retrofitted?
    3) If not, is there anything I can keep an eye on, when looking for a car, to know if it has everything it needs?
    4) If the answer to the first question is positive, does the E Class Coupé have all the sensors it needs to be retrofitted?